SBH Corp - Poor, unprofessional service

Colchester, Vermont 0 comments

I ordered a guitar effects pedal from them and paid with PayPal. I ordered it from them because they had the best price and were located one state away from me. Immediately after placing my order, I received an e-mail from their customer service dept. with a bill for $800. It wasn't mine (my order was about $40) and didn't even have my name on it. I told them they had me mistaken for someone else.

The next day, I checked on my order and it said: "Awaiting payment..." however, below that it said: "This order has shipped..." I e-mailed them to ask what the deal was. I received a response that my order had just shipped via USPS--I had paid $12.29 for UPS. When I inquired about a refund for the difference in shipping, I received no response.

I received my pedal and although it was perfectly intact, there was no packing material inside the box whatsoever. Had it gone further across the country, it would've definitely arrived broken. Also, the shipping label said very clearly on it: "$5.25 US Postage." Still having not received a response from them, I wrote back this morning demanding a partial shipping refund. I explained that I understood some places will mark shipping up a dollar or two, but that $7 was unacceptable, especially since they didn't even bother to let me know that they had changed shipping carriers until I e-mailed them the first time. I received a $5 refund from PayPal shortly after the last e-mail I sent--so the shipping was STILL marked up $2.04. Really? At that point wouldn't you just refund the entire difference? No response, just a refund.

Terrible service. I will not order from them again.

Sbh corporation cheated me

Southampton, England 3 comments
Not resolved

I order a certain item and the bank accidentally sent the money twice.Not only did the package arrive 4 weeks later than the promised date the corporation didn't send back the money or contact me of what he would end instead of the money.

David continuously lied of when he'll send the money or items. Everybody should be very careful about ordering from them via internet.

Originally the ordered item was a M45 x-treme jammer.And regarding the extra money I have asked for a camera, a radar detector and a car alarm and nothing has been done.

Review about: M45 Xtreme.



They billed me for two items they discontinued and a month and a half later I'm still trying to get my money back. First off I should not have been charged for something they advertise, but don't carry. After numerous phone calls and emails with the promise to refund my charges, they have not done so.

SBH & David are a joke.



was the blinder product the real deal?


They cheated on me too, I've lost 93$ for a fujifilm camera! Now I don't know what to do! Worst enterprise ever!

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